I frequently give public audience and academic talks. If you are an academic department looking for a colloquium speaker, ask me about a recent publication or one of the following topics:

In recent years, I have spoken at TED, Aspen, Wikimania, SXSW, the Internet Governance Forum, the Mozilla Festival, the Royal Society of Arts, the Veritas Forum, and many universities around the world. I have given invited talks at tech firms including Twitter, Microsoft, Facebook, Reddit, Disqus, and many others. I also specialize at orchestrating creative events and workshops that foster new ideas and powerful collaborations.

Scheduling Talks

To schedule a talk, please send me an email at nathan.matias@cornell.edu. I am available to give talks remotely and have a studio space with high quality video/audio for that purpose.

As a Guatemalan-American who does research and action to advance diverse representation in tech and media, I decline to participate in all-male or mostly-male events and I can often suggest more diverse speakers.

To manage conflicts of interest from corporate events, I request that all honoraria and gifts from the technology industry to be sent to the Human Rights Data Analysis Group or the National Writing Project.

Previous Talks & Workshops

To give you a sense of the range of my speaking, here is a sample of past talks and workshops

Involving the public in research while managing harassment

Cornell University

Managing Collaborative Research Projects

Cornell University

The Diffusion of Gratitude in Large Scale Cooperation

ICA Conference

Do Law Enforcement Bots Reduce Freedom of Expression Online?

ICA Conference

Nudging Algorithms by Influencing Humans

ICA Conference

Governing Human and Machine Behavior

University of Illinois

Advancing Engaged Research in Fundraising and Tenure Cases

Engaged Cornell

Science, Accountability, and Creativity in the Governance of Human and Machine Behavior

Cornell Information Science

Democratic Experiments in Democratic Participation

Decidim Festival, Barcelona

Christianity, Artificial Intelligence, and the Law

Harvard Law School

Managing Digital Risks as a Scholar

Cornell University

Civic Science in Digital Environments

Rita Allen Foundation

Community-Led Experiments in Platform Governance

Alexander von Humboldt Institut Für Internet und Gesellschaft

Theory and Practice in High Volume Experimentation

MIT Sloan Graduate Research Methods Seminar

Remaking the Power of Social Experiments in Everyday Life

Cornell University STS Department

Industry-Independent Evaluation for Social Media Governance

Yale University Law School

Maintaining a Flourishing Internet with Citizen Science


Should Your Project be University-based or a Nonprofit?

Princeton University Center for IT Policy

AI Nudges

Alan Turing Institute

Citizen Behavioral Science as Open Innovation

Open and User Innovation Conference, NYU

Advancing a Safer, Fairer, more Understanding Internet

Jigsaw, Alphabet

Behavioral Policy Evaluation Online


Testing Impact and Side Effects of AI Policy

Internet Governance Forum, UN, Geneva

The Cost of Solidarity: Community Impacts of Joining an Online Strike

MIT Conference on Digital Experimentation

The Role of Citizen Science in Digital Consumer Protection

Digital Life Initiative, Cornell Tech

Crowdsourcing Audits of Online Platforms

The Markup

Preventing online harassment with social norms interventions

Center for Democracy and Technology

Industry-Independent Tests and Citizen-Led Change Online

NetGain Convening on Dangerous Speech and Misinformation

Liveblogging as Network Leadership

Princeton University Center for IT Policy

Citizen Behavioral Science

Harvard Business School

Participatory Data Science

UC Boulder Community-Based Design Class

Understanding and Reducing Online Harassment

Wikimedia Foundation

Evidence and Industry Governance

Sci-Foo Camp

Teaching Large-Scale Digital Experimentation

MIT Conference on Digital Experimentation

Research, Development, and Organizing in Citizen Science

Data and Society Institute

Managing Internet Risks with Citizen Science

University of Pennsylvania Media@Risk

Christianity and Artificial Intelligence

Harvard Divinity School

Creating Change (or not) with Gender Data

New York Times

Coordinating Humans to Nudge AI Behavior

Harvard Data Privacy Lab

Authoritarian and Democratic Directions for Data Science

UC Santa Cruz

Reducing Systemic Injustices by Humans and AI

Stanford University

Between Platform and Community: Moderators on Reddit

Harvard Berkman Center Cooperation Working Group

Scaling Public Interest Behavioral Research

Alan Turing Institute

Whose Lives Matter to the News?

MIT Media Lab

Evidence-Based Policy Online

What Works Global Summit London

Coordinating the World’s Largest Science Discussion Online

Kavli Science Communication Summit

Going Dark: Social Factors in Collective Action Against Platforms

CHI 2016

Actually It’s About Ethics in Computational Social Science

AAAI Workshop, Stanford University

Responding to Discrimintion and Harassment Online

Rice University